After Birthing Rooms

The Baby is Born ..... Now What???

This is the time the mother needs that extra TLC; and her experience at your hospital will stay with her. Many hospitals are realizing the importance of making the family feel special and are setting up "After Birthing Rooms" so the family can bond in one bed. Once the Mother is home she will spread the word about their wonderful experience at your hospital making the family feel so special. In today's world there is no better way to market your OB services. Word-of-mouth is still the best means of reaching out to the family that is looking for the right hospital for the birth of their child. If you are not yet part of this new trend that is sweeping the country, you should consider it. If you were a family that was expecting an addition, and heard about a hospital that offered the extra luxury and cared about the Family Bonding, which hospital would you prefer?

I have specialized in Bariatric Equipment for the past 10 years and have special beds in Facilities all over the country. You need a Queen size Hospital Bed with a 750 lb. weight capacity that functions as a full electric Hi Lo; also optional are Trendelenburg features including Cardio Chair and best of all does not look like a hospital bed. Helping you with the necessary equipment is what I do, saving you time and money. I have volume pricing that can fit into any budget.

The other half of the puzzle is the proper mattress that would be suitable for this patient. Working with Span America Medical Mattress Co., we have designed a special mattress that is exclusive to Transfer Master and made for this special patient. If the patient has had a difficult time or a Cesarean delivery, this special mattress will cuddle her and the bed being Adjustable will put a bend into the frame and she will feel she is in a recliner. She may be suffering from Postpartum, as the birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions this is a critical time for her and this experience in your hospital will long be remembered and talked about. There is a possibility that the husband will be banned from the bed. Where does he sleep? There is an excellent Chair that becomes a bed if it is needed and can match any color scheme. You will need a chair anyway consider this special chair. Call me and I will be happy to send you all information.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel most hospitals are turning to the same type of Five Star Hotel Room that is so popular with Sleep Clinics. Creating this special room is not hard, but you need to do it without breaking the bank. You can have the room color coordinated with fancy furniture, headboards and chairs that is the easy part. However the most important piece of furniture is the bed and the mattress. If the bed and mattress is not the best and was so uncomfortable, what do you think the message will be when the new mom goes home? The room was beautiful but the worst bed I ever had to sleep in. I can help you make the right decision. I am here to help you through the confusion.

I look forward to working with your facility.

Elaine Latham
Equipment Specialist

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