Medicare or Insurance; you will be dependent upon what your local dealer has in stock which is usually very limited.  What the industry offers has not changed with the times.  Do not allow anyone to order a bed without you being able to talk to the dealer. You must insist on a FULL Electric bed and not a SEMI –Electric, where you would have to pump the bed up and down as you would if changing your car tire.  The patient’s weight must be over 351 lbs. before you are allowed to upgrade to a 42” width.  Queen size the patient must be over 601 lbs. Their lowest frame height is usually 15” or 17” without the inferior 5” mattress, so one is limited to having control of the comfort or height situation. There are only a few models that are extra low and rarely available at your local dealer.


The Right Bed Frames; we offer beds made for the average weight patient or the Bariatric weight; available in twin, full and queen size; as well and extra lengths for the patient over 6’1” ft. with weight capacities up to 750 lbs. The proper size bed is essential so the body can have a chance to rest properly. If spending more hours in bed than out of bed, a wider bed should be consider, giving the extra room that one needs to turn and move in bed and not restricted, ˝ rails are also an option.


Height Range; depending on the model, beds are as low as 10" and will rise to 22" than add 7” for the height of the proper mattress. This will give the patient a better quality of life and more independence, and the caregiver the extra help that is needed to care for their loved ones without injury. Additional height is available by adding different castors. This is an important decision and will make a huge difference for your loved one, having a better quality of life and be able to be more independent.  There are other models that are available.

Work Station;
many physically challenged individuals’ use their bed as a work station as they are most comfortable because of the Cardio Chair position; this is like sitting in the favorite recliner, now the bed has converted to the same position. Help the body to help itself repair as we were designed to do.  This is a 5 motor frame instead of a 3 motor.  This has the Trendelenburg options that make this a true hospital bed with the same features as the beds in the hospital.  Not every patient needs this option.  The frame is just part of the solution the mattress is the other part that needs the right choice.


Please review the Mattress page.

 You cannot make this kind of a decision without talking to someone who understands your needs and knows what is available in the Industry. I have been helping people with better solutions for 16 years.  I am here to help you find the right equipment at the right price. Please call me and let’s talk about the options available.                                               


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