The need for Sleep Clinics is increasing because of life style and stress that people are dealing with on a daily basis. If you are a Sleep Clinic or a Sleep Disorder Clinic in the process of building or converting existing rooms you need to have the proper beds and mattresses that do not look like a hospital environment. An alarming part of our population is Obese and the number is growing daily. Choosing the proper equipment that will accommodate your entire patient base is essential. I have worked with many Facilities and the following package is the most popular choice.

Here is the ideal bed and mattress combination for the Bariatric population but any weight will find this special mattress exceptionally comfortable. Bariatric beds with a weight capacity of 750 lb. or 1000 lbs. There are 2 sizes that you should consider; Full size 54" X 80" and Queen 60" X 80". I would suggest at least one 84" length when ordering a quantity to accommodate the extra tall patient over 6 feet.

The need for Sleep Disorder Clinics to determine sleeping problems and if there is a need for Sleep Apnea Treatment is increasing. Your Sleep Clinic must have the proper bed and mattress for any size patient without having to use a different bed for each weight patient.

Beds will be a fully electric Adjustable with head, and leg adjustments as well as Hi-Lo Lift. The reason for the Hi-Lo is to accommodate all patients from children to Wheelchair transfers. The Frame will also have room for a patient lift if every needed. Some Sleep Disorder Clinics like the option of the Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg and Cardio Chair positions. Now that you have the perfect bed, the Span America Geo Mattress Atlas Model is the perfect mattress; regardless of the patients weight you will be ready for any patient that comes to your Sleep Disorders Clinic.

Span America, specializing in sleeping surfaces for the medical industry and is a must in Sleep Disorder Clinics. There are many different reasons that people need a Sleep study, and the need for the proper bed and mattress is essential to determine the problem. This special mattress is 7" thick and bends perfectly with any position. The bottom of the mattress is flexible hard core and the upper part is special foam for all weights and will not bottom out with a Bariatric patient. The mattress has a water resistant Anti-Bacterial cover that can be wiped off and disinfected. There are additional options such as rails, most Sleep Clinics do not want head and foot boards as they want a room that has the 5 star hotel look and use their own decorations.

I have put this package together exclusively for Sleep Clinics with Institutional pricing. All in all this is the best package that is available that will not break the bank.


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