The Challenge. If a true hospital bed is needed; the ability to raise and lower the bed frame to accommodate the patient’s easier access to move in and out of bed is essential.  However what the industry offers has not changed with the times.  Be careful if getting a bed through insurance that you insist on a FULL Electric bed and not a Semi –Electric where you would have to pump the bed up and down as you would if changing a tire on your car.  The patient’s weight must be over 351 lbs. before you are allowed to upgrade to a 42” width. For a Full or Queen Size the patient must be over 601 lbs.


All that is offered is a 36” width that at the lowest height is usually 15” or 17” depending upon the manufacturer, without the mattress, so one is limited to having control of the height situation. There are only a few models that are extra low and usually not available at your local dealer. Being able to talk to an expert that understands the challenges and what is available in the market place is essential.  We offer bed frames in widths from 38” to Queen Size and depending upon the manufacturer 42” and 48” and 53”.  If most of the time in spent in bed why be restricted to the standard 36” frame?


We offer beds made in the USA, that will accommodate just about ever need, with weight capacities of 500, 600 or 750 lbs. The proper size is essential as the body must have a chance to rest properly as that is when the body heals itself. 


Usually the patient does not share the bed space with another so the wise choice would be to move up to a Full (53” x 80” or 84”) or if there is enough room and the person needs room to move, turn and possibly exercise in bed the proper size would be a Queen 60” x 80 or 84”.


Many physically challenged people use their bed as a work station as they are most comfortable because of the Cardio Chair position, (like sitting in a recliner chair in the middle of the bed). The High-Low option to be able to get in and out of bed is the reason people need a hospital bed. When transferring from a Wheel Chair or Power Chair the height of the bed should be at least 2" lower than the chair that they are transferring from.  When transferring out of the bed back to the Wheel Chair the bed must be higher making an easier transfer for both the patient and the caregiver.  We have a bed that is as low as 7" for the special patient and will rise to 30" than add the height of the mattress, only in widths up to 42”.


Having the proper bed will give the patient a better quality of life, more independence, and the caregiver the extra help that is needed to care for their patient without jeopardizing their own body. 

The frame is just the start; the proper mattress is as important. You need a special mattress that will bend with the bed and will handle your special needs. You cannot make this kind of a decision without talking to someone that understands your needs and knows what is available in the Industry. 

You may have a situation that you would like to be close to your spouse instead of in another room. There are Companion Beds that will be Adjustable Fixed Height beds that can sit right next to the hospital bed. This would be the best solution to keep things as normal as possible. That is the advantage of the proper bed; it has all the bells and whistles of a hospital bed, but does not look like a hospital bed and will fit into any décor and keeping spouses together.   

I have been servicing Facilities, Sleep Clinics and Specialize in Home Care for 15 years and I am here to help you find the right equipment at the right price. Please call me and let’s talk about your needs and the options available. I am only a phone call away and available 7 days a week. Feel free to send me an email. I look forward to helping you find the proper equipment for a home or for a facility there are different choices. The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a home setting as well as a hospital.

I look forward to working with you.

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